New Life’s Question EP out today on Flatspot Records An extraordinary blend of hardcore, alternative, and rock

New Life’s Question EP out today on Flatspot Records  An extraordinary blend of hardcore, alternative, and rock
Photo Credit: Luis Hernandez

“Life’s Question has nailed a version of hardcore that’s got plenty of swaggering, moshy bounce while still making room for metallic guitar theatrics and big, bold melodies.” - Stereogum

“The six tracks utilize every trick the band have in their arsenal, resulting in a heavier, more melodic, and more focused beast while also drawing plenty of new weaponry.” - Alternative Press
“It's hardcore with plenty of bite but it's channeled through with a fine focus on songwriting and making things memorable” - No Echo


Life’s Question defines themselves as “the real deal”, but the five-piece band are more than your average hardcore act. Today, the band release their self-titled EP, Life’s Question, through Flatspot Records. The six songs on the EP put the band’s blend of crushing hardcore laced with classic rock riffs and lush refrains on full display. Recorded with producer Jon Markson at The Animal Farm (Regulate, Jivebomb), the entire EP comes through as a seamless yet diverse listen.

Citing influences from Faith No More, No Warning, Van Halen, and Fats Domino, Life’s Question showcase a knack for melody while also giving a tough as nails delivery. Josh Haynes’ gruff vocal approach finds juxtaposition in the harmonious vocals supplied by guitarist Abby Rhine, shifting tracks like “When I Meet God” and “Something Out There'' to moments of serenity amongst the chaos. Guitars from Abby and Ridge Rhine, and bassist AJ Hoenings, burst through electrifying solos and downtuned grooves. Drummer Nick Barker builds the backbone of the six tracks, leading off intense breakdowns. Throughout, the lyrics address finding meaning in faith, loss, and love. 

Life’s Question EP is available on vinyl now through Flatspot Records and can be streamed HERE.

Originally formed in 2015, the band truly came together as a unit in 2018 with the release of Cursed the Will to Dream and broke out with the 2019 EP, A Tale of Sudden Love and Unforgettable Heartbreak. After a slew of singles, Life’s Question presented their full-length World Full Of… in 2022 to much acclaim. Spending much of their career on the road, Life’s Question has toured with Drain, One Step Closer, Pain Of Truth, Regulate, and Higher Power, and performed at festivals including Flatspot World, This Is Hardcore, and FYA. 

Life’s Question is Josh Haynes (vocals), Abby Rhine (guitar/vocals), Ridge Rhine (guitar), AJ Hoenings (bass), and Nick Barker (drums).



 EP Artwork by George Adamson

Life’s Question Tracklist:
1. Light Me Up
2. I Can Still Hear My Mama Pray
3. Brass Coffin
4. When I Meet God
5. 10 Years
6. Something Out There